313-315, 317, 319, 321, 323, 325, 327 Canal Street

1821, architect unknown

seven brick buildings along Canal Street

Today, the tiny brick buildings on the north side of Canal Street are cluttered with signs, banners, fire escapes, antennas, air conditioners, merchandise, and traffic. When this row of seven buildings was built in 1821—two years after the canal in the middle of the boulevard was covered to eliminate unsanitary conditions—the Federal-style brick houses became part of a new residential area. Painter and inventor Samuel F. B. Morse lived at 321 Canal Street in 1828.

The buildings numbered 313 through 327 were all originally three-story structures with attics and dormers. When they were adapted for commercial use in the mid-nineteenth century, an additional floor and an iron cornice were added to some of them.

Directions: Walk east on Canal Street to Mercer Street. Walk north on Mercer Street. 

Street Address:

313 Canal Street, New York, NY [map]

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