500 Broome Street

1874, Charles Mettam, architect

(northeast corner of West Broadway and Broome Street)

The building at the northeast corner of Broome Street and West Broadway was erected in 1874 in less than five months. Such rapid construction accounted, in part, for the popularity of cast iron construction. After multiple cast iron pieces were prefabricated at a local foundry from reusable patterns, and transported by horse-drawn vehicle to the building site, where they could be easily bolted together to form the front, and sometimes the sides, of the structure.

Notice the waist-high platforms along Broome Street. Here are the original horse-loading bays through which drivers loaded and unloaded goods. Surviving loading docks have damaged cast iron parts, as heavy trucks have backed into them. More often the cast iron features, along with vault light panels, have been covered with sheets of diamond plate steel.


Streetscape: corner of West Broadway and Broome Street.

Streetscape: corner of West Broadway and Broome Street.

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Street Address:

500 Broome Street, New York, NY [map]

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