545 Broadway

1885, Samuel A. Warner, architect

Corrosion (rust), the most common enemy of cast iron, is apparent on some buildings in SoHo where the paint coating has not been maintained, or has been removed and the cast iron left exposed for “aesthetic” reasons. For the maintenance of cast iron architecture, periodic repainting is required. If moisture seeps into its parts, hidden rust can weaken the structure. It can also be weakened by frequent freeze-thaw cycles.

Note also the wood storefront infill and, above the entrance, signs of an earlier alteration that has since been removed. When this walking tour was originally assembled in 1983 many of the original storefronts on Broadway were concealed behind later alterations. With the growing popularity of SoHo and the association of cast iron with this neighborhood, these alterations have been removed and the historic cast iron facades rehabilitated.

Street Address:

545 Broadway, New York, NY [map]

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